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The International Music Camp 2017-2018 

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The International Music Camps take place on a seasonal basis throughout the year; in 2017, we had 3 short camps/workshops on the 17 and 18 of December 2017, at the Schuman camp with Prof. Michael Wolpe, geared towards orchestra musicians, with ages ranging from 13 - 18 years. The next Winter Seminar will be held on the 16 of December, 2018. Eligible participants are young musicians and singers (of the classical music tradition), with ages ranging from 13 - 18 years, with at least three years of musical education and a good grasp on sight-reading classical composition.


Information about the leadership workshop for previous camp attendees, focusing on music education, taking place in July 2018: 

Music Summer Camp 2018: will start beginning from the second part of July 2018. The musical director is Prof. Michael Wolpe (from the academy of music and dance in Jerusalem) at the Atid Raziel youth village in Herzliya.

Prerequisites for application: 

  • Age range: 12-18 years of age
  • 3 years of classical musical education 
  • Proficiency in classical composition sight-reading
  • Intention in participating as a pianist/singer, or orchestra composition/conducting


Please click here  - Application Form 

Please click here - Parents Approval Form


An instruction project for participants past and present in Youth and Music Israel projects. In conjunction with Seminar "Levinsky - College of Education" as part of their music teacher - training program.


מחנה נ.מ. ניוז 2


General Information:

Since 1984, Youth and Music Israel has kept the tradition of holding a music summer camp on an annual basis. The 6-day program - taking place in July -  focuses on Israeli music and the contact of cultures through the merging of sound. The program is intended for teenagers ranging from twelve to seventeen-year-olds who play all instruments including voice.

The camp includes the finest workshops with senior teachers, enrichments, improvisation, movement, compositions, social activities and more.

In the morning, the focus is on ensemble, playing in preparation for the final concert on day six. In the afternoon, the kids participate in workshops that are held by academic teachers, and in the evening, we have social activities.

Our camp is an overnight camp, accommodation included. 

Our Staff:

All our camp teachers are from the top Israeli music academies and all - including administrators - are English-speakers.

Our musical director is Prof. Michael Wolpe, an internationally-well-known composer and conductor from the academy of music and dance in Jerusalem. He will lead the concert class.

Mr. Nizar Alkatar - graduate of the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance and a highly-acclaimed pianist - leads the piano classes in the Tel Aviv Music Academy.

In each class there are two additional assistant instructors for individual attention if needed.

The social activities organizer and administrator are available on a 24-hour-basis as well.

Our Program:

Each morning, the children congregate for the day's opening talk and singing. Afterwards, they are divided into their alloted groups and workshops according to their own choosing.

Following lunch, they take part in enrichment workshops in many topics relating to music, such as music therapy, introduction to music score reading, conducting workshops and improvisation, singing and more. The main goal of these workshops is to expose the children to musical areas that they are not usually exposed to in the formal musical training institutes.


Tasty meals are offerd three times a day and refreshments are provided throughout the day. The camp complex is secured and well-kept, situated in a quiet and pleasant neighbourhood in the town of Herzelia (approximately 15 minutes from Tel Aviv).

Price for all days including accommodation is 630$ per child. The payment is by bank transfer:

Youth and Music Israel
Bank Leumi of Israel
Branch # 804 Tel-Aviv
Account # 23061295
IBAN:  IL830108040000023061295   

For more information please contact us +97235622701

Summer camp 2015:

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From 2014 camp:

In 2014 our music camps celebrated 30 years of continued collaboration!

The campers wanted to dedicate this song to all IDF soldiers that kept us safe during camp time:

From 2013 camp: