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 The Arab-Jewish Orchestra 

Nizar Elkathar, conductor

יחצ 24


The orchestra consists of 24 young musicians and singers - with ages ranging from 16 to 34 - from various parts of Israel. Not only is the repertoire based on a mixture of eastern and western musical conventions, but also influenced by the presence of distinct musical instruments, ranging from the oud and kanoon to the cello and violin. A new sound is thus reproduced, growing out of the seeds of peace and harmony. The orchestra plays a repertoire of newly composed or arranged works, both original as well as prearranged works taken from Oriental Arabic or Jewish traditions. 

The orchestra meets for rehearsals once a week in Tel Aviv, performing in concerts all over the country as well as abroad, taking part in international music festivals and exchange projects. Last Year (2016),  the orchestra played in Madrid and following the great success, it was invited to Argentina  (2017) for two hugely popular concerts.

This year (2018) the orchestra is planning to go to Germany. 

Musicians (volunteers) interested in playing in the Arab Jewish Orchestre are invited to fill out this form (please click here)  and send it via - 

  In addition to concerts across Israel, the orchestra appeared at the Museum of Islam, The Oud Festival, the Festival “sounds of the desert”, the Israeli music holiday, Van Leer center in Jerusalem, YMCA, a meeting of the Anti-Defamation League in the U.S. ambassador's house, theatrical Autumn Festival in Tel Aviv, at a “three holidays” event in Jaffa and more… In May 2012 the group celebrated its first decade; a concert was held at the Holon Theater, with the participation of the soloist singer Noa (Achinoam Nini) - hosted by Dan Shilon. The concert was recorded and broadcasted on the radio.

The orchestra emphasizes on performances to audiences in Arab towns such as Nazareth, Yafa, Kfar Qara, Umm al-Fahm, Haifa and Aco. The orchestra is also invited every year to concert tours abroad in countries such as the Netherlands, Croatia, Slovenia, Cyprus, Spain, Germany and Argentina.

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 Examples of orchestra repertoire 2018 Season:

Ya Ossas/Julia Buttros Arr. Nizar Elkhater (Concer Tour, Germany2018)

Adios Querida /Folk Music. Nizar Elkhater (concert tour, Germany2018)

Mowashah Andalusian/Tamim Assadi, Nizar Elkather

Symphony no 3/Johannes Brahms Arr. Nizar Elkhater (Concer Tour, Germany2018)

Zikrayati/ Mohammed al Kassabji Arr. Nizar Elkhater

The Dove Song/ Mati caspi, Shimrit or (concert Tour, Germany 2018)

Bach Goes East/Tzvi Avni Arr. Michael Wolpe, Nizar Elkather

Ya Mama (My Mother)/ Idan Richel Arr. Nizar Elkather/ Words Shimon Buskilla , Concert Tour. Germany 2018 


Thanks and recommendations:

I had the privilege to participate in a concert in the Negev. It was amazing. Fun and unique cultural experience. Congratulations to all participants. Miriam. Coordinator of youth and family, network of community centers in Ako.

The prime minister's conference "Partnership and Growth" ended successfully. For that, we want to thank you sincerely for the quality, courteous, professional service, without which this conference could not be implemented. The reactions of the PMO officials, participants and speakers of the conference were wonderful and exciting and highlighted to us the great partnership in your success, which results, of course, first and foremost from the successful cooperation of all who worked, produced and enabled the conference. Thank you for the wonderful playing, the exemplary patience, responsibility, cooperation and willingness to help and allow the conference to take place for the best. We wish all of us fruitful continuation of joint quality work! Orly Shani, Avital Shohat and team OSCAR4B

We would like to thank you for Arab-Jewish Orchestra performance conducted at "Tzlilim Bamidbar festival" nu.17. The diverse program included special and original materials, a real fusion between East and West, and the audience enjoyed the show and the compelling conducting. Congratulations on the original works and new arrangements which resulted in a new message, please give our blessing to Avital Rappaport who managed the preparations for the concert, and to the dedicated Hadas, as well as the production team and the players who impressed the enthusiastic audience, and harvested loud applause. Professor Michael Wolfe - producer, Ethan Peer - Artistic Director

Lovely Avital!!! First of all, I was happy to personally get to know you! Thanks for the kind words!!!! We enjoyed very much, we received very, very warm comments!!! We are waiting and looking forward to further cooperation!! Maayan Amir, advice and producing concerts - Faculty of Music Education

They were great, well dressed, focused on the mission. It was very good. Odelia Shigris, cultural events and initiatives Levinsky College of Education

I would like to thank you again, in the name of  the whole ensemble, for the amazing welcome and the great concert in the Cinematheque. We all agreed that it was absolutely worth it! I am so happy that we saved this event and that we could have been part of this and make this an amazing memory. Musici Gaudentes, Adela