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summer Music CampS 


MUSIC SUMMER CAMP 2023 WILL TAKE PLACE ON JULY 16-21, 2023 at the Washington Hill Academic College of Education and it will have 4 classes:

- Classical music class

- class of pianists

- Jazz class

- Rock, pop and singing class

For participants aged 12-18 with a playing and singing level of at least three years of study.

The accommodation includes sleeping (except for ages 12) and economy. The kitchen is kosher. Arrival and dispersal independently and under the parents' responsibility.

Registration will end on July 1, 2023

Musical Summer Camp 2023

Summer camp 2014

summer camp 2013

summer camp 2015

In 2014 our music camps celebrated 30 years of continued collaboration!

The campers wanted to dedicate this song to all IDF soldiers that kept us safe during camp time:

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