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Our delegation is focused on music collaboration, having a meeting of young musicians from different countries making music together. In the delegation we take excelling music students that major in music at their schools and want to connect them with students in the same position in other countries. 

Delegation to BUDAPEST, MAY 2022

Delegation to GERMANY, JUNE 2019


orchestra Players
orchestra Players

Delegation to Madrid, Spain 2016

We are very pleased and proud to inform that our delegation will be representing Israel on 20-25 of July 2016 , a delegation of 18 musicians from “Youth Music Israel” will visit the city of Madrid in Spain. The delegation will be preforming two concerts with the local choir in festival of classical music in Madrid. The concerts will take a part in Palacio Del Infante Don Luis and include Israeli arrangements and pieces.

Delegation to Turin, Italy 2014

On 18-23 of February 2014 , a delegation of musicians from “Youth Music Israel” visited the city of Turin in Italy.

The young musicians took part in orchestra and chamber ensembles both in Israel and in Turin where they played together with selected Italian young players.
The delegation held concerts for the Jewish community and also a large concert for the whole community of Turin.

We were hosted at the homes of the Italian delegation and it was a great treat.

The repertoire included classical compositions alongside Israeli ones.

The delegation was accompanied by the conductor Ms. Bar Avni and by Musical Youth CEO Mrs. Avital Rapoport. Also organizers from Italy, Head of the Turin region schools and music director of the school system.

orchestra Players
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