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Youth and Music Israel produces hundreds of concerts and musical programs annually in kindergartens, primary and secondary schools and in community centers Israel. For the first time we offer a number of programs in Music and dance show that can fit to be shown in abroad.  translated into various languages.  

The purpose of our shows that we offer is to create a musical and artistic experience by listening and watching a concert or show which is explained by guidance and demonstrations. Every year there are hundreds of shows around the country.

All programs are performed by highly experienced professional artists. Programs are produced specifically for the young listeners, and respectively to different ages. The productions are theatrical, appealing to the eye and pleasant to the ears. We make sure to represent a veriety of musical genres and to expose the young audiences to the different genres while maintaining quality performances. 

All programs go through a committee that chooses the right programs for the repertoire. Here some examples...

BOXES because there is no end to what you can do with a cardboard box or two...

Boxes show poster

For Young Kids

For Teens

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